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Women to IT

86000 job vacancies in IT

The shortage of IT specialists remains at a high level.
At the end of 2020, 86,000 positions for IT experts could not be filled.
This is the result of a study by the digital association Bitkom on the labor market for IT specialists.
Six out of ten companies even expect the shortage of IT specialists to worsen in the future.

Increase the proportion of women

In 2021, the proportion of women in the IT industry in Germany was a meager 18 percent, still 2 percent more than in 2020.

But what is the reason for this?

We at LG-ACADEMY investigated this question in a survey and discovered something astonishing: it is not technical skills but social skills that are rated very highly by women in the IT industry. In contrast, women outside the industry think that only technical competence qualifies them. This suggests that many women are not sufficiently informed about the requirements of the industry. For this reason, they underestimate the opportunities to contribute their own strengths and interests.

A higher proportion of women in IT can counteract this trend.

For this reason, we have created an orientation course to give women and those re-entering the field the time to learn about their options.

Stuttgart – March, 29th – Orientierung für Frauen und Wiedereinsteigende
Nuremberg – March, 29th – Orientierung für Frauen und Wiedereinsteigende

Further dates in preparation