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Projektmanagement für Hochschulabsolvent*innen mit Migrationshintergrund

12. October 2021 to 10. May 2022

You are new to Germany.
You have graduated from a university in your home country.

We help you to establish yourself here again:

  • You learn and practice solid project management in theory and practice.
  • You will be certified as a project management specialist (Level D) or
    obtain the basic certification of the German Association for Project Management.
  • You deepen your German language skills, if necessary, and present your work results in German.
  • Your soft skills are specifically trained through active project participation.
  • You build up business contacts by planning and implementing projects in companies.
  • You will learn current management methods (team building, leadership, project management, moderation).
  • We introduce you practically to the working culture of the companies in the region.
  • You will use project management professionally, plan small and large events and put them into practice.
  • Situation analysis and goal achievement: Using what you have learned and your experience, we will work together to develop a realistic career goal.
  • Together with our coaches you will develop a personal strategy on how to achieve the goal and find the contacts to do so.
  • You will complete your planned project in a company, either as Training-On-The-Job or you will be employed by the company.

Certification as Project Management Specialist Level D according to the international four-level system by the German Association for Project Management (GPM).

Make an appointment for a consultation right now, where you will also find out how the course can be supported.