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Projektbezogener Management-Lehrgang (PMF) mit Zertifizierung (GPM) Kopieren

27. July 2021 to 25. January 2022

This course qualifies for Level D certification (Certified Project Management Associate) and, with the help of the “project-based method”, guarantees familiarization with a company and the initiation of permanent employment.

Leadership skills are developed or sharpened through targeted training of key management skills. Management methods such as team building, leadership approaches, conflict resolution, moderation and sales round off the qualification for practice-oriented project management.

The future planning for each participant (m/f) is individually advanced: Taking into account and appreciating the previous professional and personal achievements, clear perspectives are shown and already put into practice during the course.

The individual coaching of the participants with regard to their personal strategies by the permanently available coaches leads in the short term and in a targeted manner to valuable company contacts and thus to success.

The course is aimed at job-seeking academics and managers from all professional and specialist areas with professional experience and a great interest in new challenges.