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Kauffrau/-mann im E-Commerce (Umschulung)

22. February 2023 to 20. February 2025

E- and mobile commerce are booming, goods and merchandise are compared and sold all over the world.

Every eighth euro in retail is currently generated in e-commerce. And the trend is rising!

Many small and medium-sized enterprises can no longer keep up. Modern, interactive websites, online stores are simply and interchangeably knitted together, because the qualified specialists are missing, who have an overview of the whole range.

That’s where you come in as an e-commerce merchant.

If you get it right, you can choose your workplace! You plan e-commerce strategies and can also implement them directly.

This is what you can achieve:

  • SEO/SEA specialist
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Online category manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Online Manager

Make an appointment for a consultation right away, where you can also find out how the course can be funded.