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Career coaching

What is individual coaching?

If your career achievements seem to offer a wider field of improvements, maybe coaching could be of help.

Coaching is a mix between in-process consulting, goal-oriented guidance and activity-oriented training. The first step always starts at the personal and individual level of competency of each customer. Main emphasis is put on finding easy applicable and implementable solutions.

User coaching in order to get and to define new impulses: Coaching means new energy for your professional career and orientation.

To whom is this offer addressed?

Our offer is aimed at specialists and managers who need or want to reorient themselves professionally. If you find yourself in a career crunch, it is important to find the right path and not to deal with the creeping problems of unemployment, such as professional orientation difficulties, reduction of self-confidence, problems making the right decisions, conflicts in private life, a.s.o0.

Talk to us in time!

The offer

Our offer includes clarification of the need and the approach. This is followed by two consulting appointments. Thereby we pay attention to:

  • Voluntariness: Successful consulting is only possible if you are interested.
  • Personal acceptance: Mutual acceptance and trust is the basis of a successful consulting service.
  • Discretion: The contents remain absolutely confidential.